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Originally Posted by Dinsdale View Post
It is possible the make of car has something to do with this. I drive a VW GTI. My side mirrors show a sliver of the side of my car, but for the life of me, I don't see redundancy. The center rearview mirror covers the entire rear window - pillar to pillar. Each side mirror immediately continues the view starting at the outside of the rear pillar. If I spread them wider, wouldn't I miss a spot between the areas covered by the mirrors?
Next time you're driving, just have a look at the mirrors and the cars behind and to the left or right of you. At no point should you be able to see the same car in both a side view mirror and the rearview mirror, except when it is in between the two mirrors, so you can get one headlight in one mirror, and the other headlight in another mirror. If I have my side view mirrors set to see the side of my car, I'm also seeing a lot of what is behind the car. I have to set them a good bit beyond where the side of my car disappears in the mirror to get a continuous panorama. Now, this does not mean that there is completely no blind spot. Obviously, if you have a gremlin on your rear door, you won't be able to see it unless you move your head and body towards the mirror. But as far as vehicles go, you'll see a part of the vehicle in the mirror. Maybe, just maybe you can hide a daredevil motorcycle rider in that spot, but he'd have to be hugging the rear of your car pretty closely to hide in there.

ETA: Here's a diagram of traditional vs wide settings.

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