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Originally Posted by Morgyn View Post
Sad news on the kitty-cat front. Not mine, but Grandpa Mason, of Grandpa Mason and His Kittens, is going to be euthanized tonight. His kidney disease has gotten ahead of any care that can be given to him, and his quality of life isn't, anymore. Everyone in the TinyKittens community is grieving, but none more than Shelly, who fought so hard to give him so much extra life.
Originally Posted by Rick Kitchen View Post
Aw. I hope the kittens can find some other adult they can curl up with. :'(
I can't seem to find the video now but I saw on Facebook last night that Aura has taken over the kitten snuggling duties. I legit ugly cried over a cat I never met. My cat has kidney disease and I've learned quite a bit from TinyKittens and Mason. Rest in peace, Mason, you did good.

And because this is the mini-rants thread, why the hell does a flu shot hurt so damn bad? Got my flu shot on Thursday and my arm is still sore!