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Originally Posted by Dead Cat View Post
You probably already know this, but ibuprofen can irritate the stomach lining, so it's recommended to take it with or just after food. If you're taking it on an empty stomach, it could be as simple as that. If you need to take something on an empty stomach for some reason, try paracetamol, which shouldn't have this side effect. Disclaimer: I have had zero medical training - speak to a doctor or pharmacist. But you knew that, too.
I am pretty religious about making sure to have things in my stomach before taking ibuprofen. But you can still cause problems if you are taking too much.

However, after going to the doctor today, that did NOT end up being my problem. I'm pregnant and it might be ectopic and, well, now I'm just a ball of panic. I hope it's not ectopic. We've been trying. I'm having all the feelings right now.

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