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Originally Posted by SanVito View Post
This getting any airplay in the US? Because it's even knocked Brexit off the national news here. Chief Constable of Police demands suspect's return to the UK (BBC Link)
Yes, yes it is. I've been hearing about this for days on both TV and radio news. Oddly, does not seem reflect in the print press, at least not on page one.

Originally Posted by SanVito View Post
Reports say she was driving for some distance on the wrong side of the road. The victim came over the brow of a hill and so had no opportunity to avoid her car.

So, she has claimed diplomatic immunity and scuttled off home, which of course she can. But should the US do something? Send her back? Prosecute her at home? Give compensation to the victim's family? Stick two fingers up to them?
I usually hear about this from the other side: a foreign diplomat killing or raping someone in the US. Now, I in no way endorse or excuse any of this, but generally what happened is exactly what occurred here - the offender zips off back home and the victim(s)/heirs get nothing and no justice. Apparently, this is the norm world wide. Here's a short list of various offense perpetrated by diplomats from several different nations. Here is a somewhat longer list in Wikipedia

I note that the parents of the deceased have attempted to appeal to President Trump, and I'd love to be proved wrong on this, but Trump doesn't give a {deleted} about anyone but himself and has a legendary distrust and contempt for foreigners. I think he's more likely to further shield the woman than to turn her over to British authorities.

It is my understanding that a person can not voluntary waive immunity for themselves so it's not so much she is claiming immunity as the US is asserting immunity for her.
Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
I doubt she'll be extradited but she deserves to be labelled as a cowardly shit for not even helping the police and the family with the enquiry.
In fact, she did initially cooperate with British authorities, answered questions, attending a meeting with them, and so forth as reported in UK media - it looks like Northamptonshire Police Superintendent Sarah Johnson is the original source of those statements. It may be that the woman in question wanted to stay in the UK and help with the inquiry but the US decided to bring her home. Characterizing her as a "cowardly shit" is an understandable emotional reaction but in this case may be in error. It appears that initially she did do what both of us consider the right thing - cooperate with police - but the US government overruled that impulse. Which, again, is usually what happens world-wide in such circumstances.

I have a great deal of sympathy for Mr. Dunn's parents and family, but given past history I don't hold out much hope for them bringing the woman back to the UK to face an inquiry and/or penalty.

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