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Originally Posted by HMS Irruncible View Post
This seems pretty arbitrary. "Tidewater" for Virginia and the Carolinas is more descriptive of a particular accent than anything distinguishing them, from say, Georgia.
I do think there is a distinctive Tidewater culture, but I don't see it here in Richmond. In Williamsburg and Gloucester County, yes. But not in the metro Richmond area. However, I wouldn't put us in Greater Appalachia either. Nor the Deep South. So Tidewater is the best one of the available options, IMHO.

I'm from Georgia. My accents marks me as "not from around here" mainly because I do the stretching of vowels thing ("hill" is pronounced as "heeell"). You hear folks in Southwest Virginia doing this, but not elsewhere in the state. Also, folks around here call their mothers "Mumma" and their fathers "Diddy". Folk in Georgia say "Momma" and "Daddy". When I hear someone say "Diddy", I'm reminded that I'm a stranger in a strange land.

So I agree that Virginia is culturally different from Georgia, at least. It's not just speech patterns, but also food. Their BBQ is mustardy and yellow. And they use cole slaw as a sandwich fixing. No. Just no.

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