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By whom (among Europeans) and how various regions of the US or 'North America' were settled does have some relevance. For example how the NY area, the former New Netherlands, is still influenced by the Dutch is an interesting thing, part of 'NY-ness' is really New Netherlands-ness. But it's pretty subtle influence at this point...which is why plenty of people who live here, or are even from here, don't realize that's part of what's different about NY. Calling it 'an entirely different culture' across all people who live in this area now v all people who live elsewhere in the US now would be a gigantic exaggeration. Likewise it would be a gross oversimplification to attribute the unique aspects of NY-area culture just to Dutch roots, and ignore all the distinct influences from later groups over-represented in this area compared to the rest of the US (Jews are as heavily represented nowhere else in the US, and Irish and Italians as heavily represented only a limited number of other places, plus now the ongoing evolution in NY culture from the diverse mix of recent immigrants accounting for nearly 40% foreign born in the City).