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Originally Posted by guizot View Post
The book is just a gimmick, and (as Exapno Mapcase points out), a derivative rip-off. Woodward is conveniently ignoring two obvious things which make this an idle conceit: Americans move a lot, and about 80 years ago they invented this thing called "television."
This. With few exceptions, my sense of how close I feel to the culture of a particular place can be determined by where it is in the blending of rural, small town, suburbs, city, and metropolises (as a place can have characteristics of multiple types of these) and how much the inhabitants speak English (no pun intended.) As much as the boonies and the Big City are exciting, I feel closest to non-suburban small cities, but it doesn't usually matter in the English-speaking world those large towns are (of the places I've visited, I'd make an exception for the Deep South.)

Because I grew up in a college town in Upstate New York, I'd probably feel more at home in a college town in Virginia than I do here in Florida in endless suburbia. I'd also probably feel more at home in a college town in Virginia than I would in the Albany area which also has endless suburbs.