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Interesting map. I wonder what the Canadians think of being subsumed into several of the US "nations"???

I can see the argument for varying cultures in different parts of the country, but at a minimum, some of the lines aren't quite right. I live in a DC suburb, in Virginia, and per the map we're part of the "tidewater" area. Culturally we're VERY different from anything more than about 50 miles south of us, much more like Maryland up through New Jersey. I hate when a computerized form asks a region and I have to put "south" because really, no DC suburb is truly "south". I'd argue that everything north of us in Maryland etc. would be part of Yankeedom vs Midlands - up to about halfway through New Jersey, and the eastern edge of Pennsylvania.

Reading a bit more of the article, it seems to focus on who originally settled the areas, NOT their current culture.

"New France" is "a pocket of liberalism nestled in the Deep South". Admittedly I've never spent time down there, but liberalism is NOT something I think of in coastal Louisiana etc. Yes, it may have a lot of French influence, but again, the map doesn't take into account how opinions have evolved over the years.