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A couple of things that I find puzzling are:

We have no idea where or when the murder took place. The entire police theory is built on the bogus 2.36 phone call being Adnan calling Jay to be picked up at Best Buy. However Jay had originally said Adnan called at 3.45 but no such incoming call exists so it had to be the 2.36 call. It can't be the 3.15 call because Jay's testimony makes that impossible. But several witnesses say Hae was at school too late to be murdered by 2.36. The Baltimore Sun has a gallery of the orignal news pieces. In those the Baltimore police state that Hae was seen leaving the school at 3.00.

In the initial pieces Hae's car, which was a recent model, is described and the registration given. We only have Jay's testimony that it was dumped on the day that Hae disappeared. I wonder whether this was confirmed after the car was found? It seems surprising that no-one noticed it for weeks.

I'm also a bit concerned about brickbacon's "evidence." On the basis of things like:

19. Adnan has no credible alibi, plausible alternative theory of what happened, or desire to look for any exculpatory evidence.
substitute my name for his and maybe I did it.