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Originally Posted by brickbacon View Post
I disagree. How many innocent people lend their car and brand new phone to a casual acquaintance admittedly involved in a murder of someone that acquaintance barely knows but that you do know well? How many write, "I'm going to kill" on a letter from an ex who was subsequently murdered that accuses you of being possessive and substantiates a clear motive for murder? How many people's close friends and family tell cops who they know suspect you of murder that you talked about how you would get rid of evidence from a murder of an ex you committed, or that you are a masterful liar? Yes, the map could be innocuous (although who keeps a map in their trunk), but it's likely not given other circumstantial evidence. That doesn't ALL happen to innocent people.
That people tell the cops that they suspect him of murder is obviously a strong argument. It is also pretty much the only strong argument. For the rest of the points I still think they are almost irrelevant, for the reasons I stated above.