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Originally Posted by Knowed Out View Post
This time I didn't click the Portal and kept on with the regular world map. I got through level 25, then it repeated. I guess I have no choice. Guess I'll spend the Helium now.
Weird, I thought you could just keep going and going. Never heard you had to stop at any point until it just gets too time consuming to get to a new level.

It was addicting the first run-through, but now on my second run-through it's not so much. I can just build up my storage and come back the next day and spend on lots of upgrades, burn through a couple levels and leave it again 'til the next day. It seems to be requiring more Trimps now though.

I have to keep my playtime short anyway, or my laptop overheats and shuts down. Like Cookie Clicker, no way I can just leave it running.