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Originally Posted by Dead Cat View Post
I agree with you that your partner's hand looks like a 2NT opener (20-22), or 2C if he does have Qc instead of the J (23 HCPs). I assume he intended his rebid of 2NT to show that he was fairly balanced but with H as his longest suit. Unless I thought it would totally confuse the situation, I think I would have attempted a cue bid of 3D over this (as I always play change of suit as 100% forcing for one round - and in this case it would obviously be forcing to game anyway), showing I had a first round control in diamonds but not clubs. Partner can then deduce he has no losers in clubs or diamonds and use Blackwood/Gerber/RKCB (or whatever you have agreed) to find out that you do not have the spade Ace (as he already knows you have the diamond Ace - unless your cue bid was to show a diamond void, which is unlikely) but you do have the heart King. If I were him I think I'd try 6NT, which seems to make comfortably.

Any gaps in the above analysis?
Agree it is better to show the hand as balanced. As stated in another post, the good 5-card heart suit makes it better than 22 points. There is a site here that evaluates hands and assigns adjustments to raw HCP based on suit length, intermediates, honor combinations and maybe other factors. It gives a Kaplan & Rubens (or K&R) count. It evaluates the hand in question as 23 points. Hence I open 2C and rebid 2NT.

If you are concerned about missing a 5-3 major suit fit by bidding NT holding a 5-card major, there are conventions to find out about that - Puppet Stayman is the most popular. There is a variation called Muppet Stayman.

The problem with your proposed 3D bid is that you have not yet agreed trumps, so 3D will be construed as natural. I prefer a 3H bid to set trumps, then if partner cue bids you can bid 4D as a cue bid. Actually, I prefer to bid 3H over 2H, assuming that is forcing (it is 30 years since I played strong 2s). Kxx is a fantastic holding in hearts and I want partner to know immediately that we have found a fit.

You are then correct that partner can find out about slam using RKCB. I would not play Gerber when looking for a slam in a suit - you want 4C available as a cue bid. And you are correct that 6NT is the best contract, especially at matchpoints.