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I don't think I've ever seen Oscypek at Mars Cheese Castle or any of the usual cheese places in Wisconsin. And I've never seen it at Woodman's or any place like that. This is what the stuff looks like, and it's sold as a whole piece usually (perhaps you can sometimes get it cut in half--I'm not sure, but I think I've only seen entire logs of it being sold.)

Anyhow, some of the Polish groceries should have it. There's one by my house, Shop & Save, at Archer and Central that regularly carries it. I'll have a look for you if they have it today if I have some time to go out there. Where abouts are you staying? I could perhaps give you leads, though the southwest side of Chicago is more of the góral/Highlander area than the northwest side Poles, so you'll probably have better luck in my neck of the city.

Now, whether it's 100% authentic-to-the-letter oscypek, I don't know for sure. Even in Poland, there's a lot of knock-off oscypek that doesn't hew completely to the rules being sold. But it is imported from Poland, and is identifiable by look and taste as oscypek.

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