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Originally Posted by Dale Sams View Post
2. That new rule about 'A goal resulting from having been set up by a ball off an arm (whether deliberate or not) will be disallowed"....IS UTTER SHIT. It creates this bizarre quantum-realm where a foul is only a foul if a goal results from it. And what constitutes 'set-up'?
So, this is interesting because the Premier League website quotes the rule change differently than the actual Laws of the Game.

The LOTG says that for it to be a handball it has to be 1) deliberate or 2) a goal scored directly from the handball or 3) the handling player gains possession or control and then scores/assists. So basically if the ball hits your arm and falls to your feet, you can't score or assist.

The Premier League website says it like you quoted, omitting the part about the offending player gaining control/possession. The former sounds much more reasonable than the latter.

Here's a rule Q: Does a foul or yellow card as a result of improper celebrating still count if VAR disallows the goal??
Still a yellow.