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Originally Posted by DSeid View Post
DrDeth individual studies do vary ... which is why you go with the large well-designed meta-analysis. You follow politics some ... think of it as quoting a single poll vs going with 538's aggregation.

But yes, quitting cigarette smoking (for those who set that as a goal) is hard and the vast majority who try fail, including those who vape as a means of getting off cigarettes. But OTOH more succeed at keeping off cigarettes long term than do at losing major amounts of weight and keeping it off long term and it is of more urgent health impact.
I can go up a flight of stairs without getting winded. That's a pretty big quality of life change that vaping has given me.

It has also made me more active. I can take my dogs out for a walk without being beat when I get home. Every time I've tried to quit smoking in the past, I've gained a considerable amount of weight. Since I switched to vapes, I've lost weight and am overall far healthier, even though I am a bit older.