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Originally Posted by DrDeth View Post
So, it appears you'd prefer trump? Since Biden has the best chance of beating tump.
Based on... What, exactly? Opinion polls over a year out from the election? It sure ain't based on his actual performance, what he's saying, or anything tangible. In fact, from what I'm seeing, the logic goes like this:

"I support Biden because he has the best chance of beating Trump."
"Why do you say that?"
"Because he's polling well."
"Why is he polling well?"
"Because people think he has the best chance of beating Trump."

... Which seems like a very poor strategy, all things considered. Especially when you consider that basically every time Biden has taken a news cycle, it's been news that makes him look really bad, in ways that actually matter. The more we see of him, the worse he looks - which is why his aides are trying to minimize his public appearances.

In fact, opinion polls or not, Biden has several very significant liabilities against Trump. He's a symbol of exactly the same establishment that Clinton was. He's famously cozy with wall street. He voted for the Iraq war. If Trump can run the 2016 playbook against anyone, it's against Biden. You really want to repeat the mistakes of 2016? Really?
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