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k9bfriender obviously we get into IMHO and anecdotes here but my belief is that your position is a very ignorant one.

Did you really take your first drink/toke/smoke/whatever to get fucked up? Nah. It was a social thing which then hooks some because of both the some perceived positive of the experience (inclusive of the buzz, but not necessarily only that, flavor etc can be part of that as well, and the ongoing social reinforcement of being part of a group, having a group activity/shared interest, having a prop, and so on), and for some after some time because of a dependency that morphs into an addiction, in which the positive is no longer the drive but the avoidance of the negative of withdrawal.

To say that flavors that appeal are not part of that is as unto saying that taste of food doesn't impact overeating because people eat out of hunger, or that there would be as much alcohol consumption if the only form of it was Malort.

Hell drinking is the same way. How many drink, as kids or as adults, primarily to get fucked up/alter their mental state? Not most. Many many more drink with the main focus being the social activity and the impact on mental state in service of that social activity, as a lubricant of sorts. Getting shit-faced is not the goal for most even if a slight buzz is enjoyed by many as part of the process.

Kids are not choosing to the most powerful fuck-you-up substances and getting them no matter what. Not too many High Schoolers are dropping acid right now. By your way of thinking, why not?

There has been a nearly two decade decline in teen alcohol use rates, including over the same last five year time period that teen vaping has exploded. How does that mesh with your thinking that they'll try whatever something someone has that they haven't tried before?

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