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Originally Posted by Guest-starring: Id! View Post
(Always thought Luiz woulda retired with Chelsea)
The game was barely in Liverpool's half in the first half yesterday.
I thought Luiz pulled enough jersey for that penalty.

It was almost like one of those cartoons, where the mouse is trying to get away but the cat's got his tail. What was even more hilarious was the way that Luiz actually had the balls to complain when the penalty was given. BBC commentator Jonathan Pearce said, in calling the match, "How can he protest to the referee he was doing no wrong?" Although he wasn't the only one. Unai Emery also whined about it.

I've always disliked Luiz, and it was really nice to see Salah leave him in the dust on the way to Liverpool's third goal.
Originally Posted by Red Wiggler View Post
Yes, that was an excellent win for the Maggies, as was Palace's at Old Trafford. At the end, though, I think they'll be one of a half dozen clubs with 20-some points heading into April, which always makes for a fun time.

From what I've seen of the three promoted clubs, they impress me more than last season's batch newly up from the Championship.
Newcastle played really well on the weekend. On the one hand, I thought they were a couple of goals better than Spurs, and could have won much more easily; on the other hand, they were lucky to get away with the win after Harry Kane was clearly fouled in the box with about 10 minutes to go. I couldn't believe that no penalty was given for that.

Love seeing ManU get beaten, and Palace did well to weather the sustained pressure that United put on them for the first half hour or so. When Ayew scored, it was totally against the general run of play up to that point.

I agree with you about the promoted clubs. I haven't seen Villa play yet, but Sheffield United have had a good start, and Norwich might have lost 2, but they looked good for long stretches against Man City on the weekend. Plenty of good teams give up more than 3 goals to City. I really like the look of Teemu Pukki, and there's something fun about hearing the commentators calling his name too. Pooooookey!!!!