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I tend to agree that these big game hunters are generally douchebags looking for bragging rights, and I'm also not sure that we should be giving them permission to import their penis-substitute trophies into the country.

At the same time, as a believer in animal rights and a vegetarian for almost three decades, I just can't get too excited about this. Most of the available evidence suggests that the money from big-game hunting does contribute measurably to broader conservation efforts in Africa. It gives local communities jobs and income, helps to reduce poaching, and provides an incentive to maintain a wilderness that might otherwise be depleted even further in search of economic gain.
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Throwing cash at a problem doesn’t fix it when that problem is a dwindling population and you’re simultaneously paying someone to kill a member of it.
Firstly, the population is not currently dwindling. The black rhino population is currently about two and a half times the size it was at its low point, in the early 1990s, when there were only about 2,300 left in the wild.

Namibia has the right, under international treaties, to allow five black rhino kills per year. They're probably going to take advantage of that allocation no matter what, so they might as well do it by charging some American asshole with too much money the price of a decent house to satisfy his blood lust. For the five kills, that's a total of about $2 million into an economy with a per-capita GDP of less than $6,000, and this sort of hunting helps sustain a tourism industry that's almost 15% of the country's economy, and over 18% of its employment.

I concede the possibility that some of this money ends up lining the pockets of corrupt officials, but according to Transparency International, Namibia is the second-least corrupt nation on the African continent, and its corruption index is not far behind Spain, and is ahead of Italy and South Africa. They say that much of the money from these hunting trips helps to fund conservation. If the money they get from five rhino kills helps them to prevent even, say, 8 rhinos from being killed by poachers, isn't that small net gain a good thing?

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Again, NOT the point! If he gave a rat's ass about conservation, he could have just donated the money.


"Good for conservation efforts"? Bullshit.
This is stupid.

No-one is arguing that THIS PARTICULAR GUY is a conservationist. But that doesn't mean that the money he paid, and the trophy hunting program more generally, don't contribute to conservation efforts.