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Originally Posted by bump View Post
Ultimately it's none of anyone else's business what rifle I choose to buy, as long as it's legal. And who are YOU to tell me otherwise?
I'm a voting citizen of the United States, that's who. And if enough of my fellow citizens petition our elected representatives to change the law - another right guaranteed by the Constitution - who are YOU to tell me otherwise.

That's the thing here- you're proposing curtailing the rights of millions of people because a literal handful of people can't behave. It's the same old elementary school bullshit writ large, where that one dipshit kid can't behave, so the whole class loses the ability to do something. It pissed me off then, and it pisses me off now.
Sorry your elementary school years were so bad, but I'll bet none of your classmates was killed by a stray bullet. TWO of my wife's students were, while another one was convicted of murder.

It's about like saying that because 15 or 20 dumbass teenagers driving sports cars cause fatal wrecks and kill 500 people nationwide, that nobody nationwide should be able to drive sports cars, regardless of driving record, where they live, age, etc...
It's more like a bunch of teenagers who back in the '70s got the right to buy liquor at age 18, and then drove drunk and killed a bunch of people, and then Congress forced the states to raise the drinking age back to 21, and lower the the blood alcohol level for "impaired" to .08, so now you have to stop at two drinks instead of drinking a 6-pack at a party and then driving home. Sorry to spoil your fun.

That's my main objection with this- it's a bunch of people presuming to tell another group of law-abiding citizens what they can or can't do, because of what some OTHER people are doing.
Yeah, that's how laws work. That's why none of us can make money off insider trading. Those assholes on Wall Street abused it.

Beyond that, there's something else at work that's making the mass shooting an attractive way for people to act out- what is that something else? I'm not at all convinced that merely removing guns from the equation is going to prevent that- they'll just find another way to do something similar- homemade bombs, driving through crowds, hijacking airliners, etc.... just to name a few things that have already been done in recent history.
Sure. Banning semi automatic weapons wouldn't have stopped Lee Harvey Oswald, Charles Whitman, Sirhan Sirhan, or Timothy McVeigh. On the other hand, The Black September terrorist attack at the 1972 Olympics resulted in 11 hostages and five terrorists being killed. Stepehen Paddock locked himself in a hotel room in Las Vegas, fired 1,100 rounds of ammo, killed 58 people and wounded 422 more all by himself.

Anything else is at best treating a symptom.
So, your solution is to do nothing until we figure out what drives some people to kill other people?