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Originally Posted by Wesley Clark View Post
This board really isn't it though. We don't have many conservatives, and the ones we do have get insulted a lot. For the most part on this board discussions with conservatives end up with liberals talking about what we think conservatives believe.

Closest I've found are r/politicaldiscussion and r/ask_politics on reddit. r/neutralpolitics too
Conservatives are free to post on this board anywhere outside the BBQ pit, so they should be free from insults.

This board has rules, and the moderation is fairly rigorous. I think the lack of conservatives has more to do with the difficulty that they have in defending current United States Republicans using logical, insult free arguments.

If you look at other boards or discussion sites, you'll see plenty of conservative thought - mostly calling others "Libtards" or saying climate change is a hoax because university professors are making lots of money. These things don't work here.