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Originally Posted by Novelty Bobble View Post
Is the crime or the person covered by immunity? How indeed can crime be covered by immunity without the implicit admission that a certain person of diplomatic association is guilty?

If it is the person then I absolutely do think it should be permissible for that person to state their revocation of immunity and travel as a private citizen. If that was voluntary I don't see how that would present a problem for existing diplomatic relationships. The concept didn't spring out of nothing and isn't immune to critical assessment.
Just to be clear -- you admit that you are just speculating here? Drawing your own conclusions based on your limited understanding of the law in these areas? Even though it has been stated several times that immunity belongs to the state, not the individual?

but not in this thread, not in relation to this issue, so not sure why it was brought up.
Because it is relevant. Are you suggesting that I'm not allowed to discuss relevant issues unless you personally raise them first?