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Originally Posted by Broomstick View Post
It is my understanding that the US government could, indeed, forbid that.

If she's the family member of a diplomat my (perhaps flawed) understanding is that yes, the US government could do that. Having a diplomat's family member tried in a foreign court against the wishes of the US is not a precedent the US wants to have set. (To be fair, no nation wants that precedent set, that's the whole point behind diplomatic immunity in the first place). All the US government has to do is mutter about "national security" or "national interests" and all hands are tied.

Now - will the US government do that? No way to know. Prior administrations might have waive immunity in such a case where the guilty party wants to cooperate with foreign law enforcement but it's always the government's call. Doing so has some precedent, but requires both governments to agree with waiver of immunity prior to any legal investigation or proceedings to go forward.

With the current administration? Who the hell knows? My gut feeling is that no, immunity will not be waived in this or any other case while we have hyper-nationalists in charge.

I'm sorry - a young man has died, I don't think his family is going to get any sort of closure, and it's a double shame in that the woman in question seemed willing to cooperate with the Northhampshire police. Then the US government got involved and recalled her back to the US.
"(perhaps flawed)? Definitely gaslighting. We can't even ID our own corruption any more.

"With the current administration? Who the hell knows?"

Oh its bound to come out against this sort of thing taking a principled stand against kleptocracy and kakistocracy.