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Originally Posted by Fiveyearlurker View Post
Itís not trolling. Itís finally writing a law that we didnít know we needed before because there were norms that we didnít think would be broken. We are going to have to write a number of laws moving forward to ensure a number of norms that we now know are no longer norms. And none of that is trolling.

If we strengthen emoluments laws itís not going to be to troll Trump it will be because we didnít think we had to spell out that the president should have the countryís interests first.
The norm since Nixonís second run. It wasnít done at all before that. Sixty years of federal taxes before that and they werenít shared. People can make the choice to never vote for anyone who doesnít show their taxes. Parties can refuse to allow anyone who doesnít.