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Originally Posted by Fiveyearlurker View Post
Itís not trolling. Itís finally writing a law that we didnít know we needed before because there were norms that we didnít think would be broken. We are going to have to write a number of laws moving forward to ensure a number of norms that we now know are no longer norms. And none of that is trolling.

If we strengthen emoluments laws itís not going to be to troll Trump it will be because we didnít think we had to spell out that the president should have the countryís interests first.
A law isn't going to stop Trump and Republicans from undermining democracy. The solution is more democratic participation on the part of progressives and moderates, even in spite of laws that try to restrict voting. If you want to convince the middle that you respect and value democracy, then you do things that promote democratic participation -- removing someone's name from a ballot is the exact opposite of that.

So the conservatives will try to remove people from the voter rolls? Who knows - maybe they'll even bring back poll taxes. This isn't the first time that American authoritarians or oligarchs have tried to suppress democratic participation. If they do that, then march (peacefully and lawfully) in the streets. And if they criminalize that, then as MLK and Rosa Parks did, resist authority when the laws are immoral and understand that loving democracy and freedom sometimes has a cost. Over time, a majority of people will hopefully 'get it' and join the side of the righteous.

But removing someone from a ballot to force them to hand over their tax returns is just reactionary and stupid. It's just another tactic that will lead to a response in kind. This will backfire spectacularly. The way to promote democracy is to do democratic things, not undemocratic things.