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It might be emoluments, but I have another hunch: real estate used to launder money for international oligarchs and criminals.

Let's face it: we already know that Trump uses his DC hotel, Mar-a-Lago, and other properties to host official government events, so we don't really need his tax returns to establish emoluments clause violations. And we know that a number of his cabinet members have been committing corruption in broad daylight. I think his entire cabinet is without shame. I doubt he worries about emoluments, and probably doesn't even know what the hell it is.

I think it's his relationships that he - and also those he does business with - that are of particular concern. If he's doing business with the Russian mafia, or the Italian mafia, or whoever, there are going to be some nasty cockroaches that will be sent scurrying behind the walls once the light of his tax returns is shining on them. I'm guessing some of those people have done far worse than tax evasion or handed off bags of cash to government officials.

Having people in the media talk about hackers and corruption is one thing, but I'm guessing that releasing his tax returns would allow people who actually know a thing or two about forensic accounting start to piece together Donald Trump's relationships over the past several decades.