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Originally Posted by HurricaneDitka View Post
Do you know what emoluments are? The prohibition is against accepting (without the consent of Congress) an emolument "from any King, Prince, or foreign State." What does that have to do with "official government events"?
They don't necessarily involve emoluments - some other aspects of his international business and his refusal to separate himself from his business interests might, but that's a different example. Might point is, he and his administration repeatedly engage in naked corruption and conflicts of interest, so I wouldn't expect much to be revealed about emoluments or other types of corruption that we don't already know. That won't move the needle, as we've become inured to it all.

But tax returns might tell us more about his all of his LLCs, and it might be that we could learn more about his connections once people have time to start digging based on what they've had a chance to see in public for the first time. Taxes don't necessarily tell us how wealthy someone is or isn't, but depending on what one does to earn income, and what forms are required as part of the return, they can begin to tell us about some of the people in his orbit. Tax returns could lead us to other documents as well.

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