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Originally Posted by Myrrajh View Post
Okay, this is pretty cool! Hope you can find this one for me. I read it probably around 1979. There was an underground city and the people would stand in cubicles and be gassed to sleep for the night. They had no sunlight to know when it was day or night, so they relied on the gas.

Story was that the world had gone through a nuclear war and this city retreated far under a mountain to escape radiation; and it was a very long time they'd been there, perhaps for generations. Whenever someone in their society rebelled, they were exiled to "outside", presumably to die from radiation sickness. No one ever came back. There was some old tunnel they'd use to get the bad guys outside.

Well, of course this wouldn't be youth fiction if it didn't have a curious youth in it. This boy decides to venture outside to see how bad it is. He finds out that the earth and all life had recovered and the world was clear, pristine, and teeming with plants and all kinds of animals. Rather Eden-ish, if I'm remembering it correctly.

I'd love to read it again. Those images of his first view of the renewed earth are still in my head after all these years.

Okay, I found what I was looking for. The short story is called (WARNING! SPOILERS IN LINK!) The Defenders and you can find it in this collection.

This might not be the story you're looking for, but if it's not it was almost certainly either ripped off by (or a ripoff of) the story in the link.

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