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Ok, here's two. One scifi, one more fantasy. Keep in mind I haven't read a lot of either, so obvious stories might work. Also haven't read the whole thread.

Scifi: A group of schoolchildren, maybe on a starship, who've never seen the "Sun", but it's coming out soon for the first and probably only time in their lives. There's one girl they lock up in a closet during some schoolchild bullying, she misses the sunrise/sunview, and she maybe falls out of the closet when they come to get her (after all of them go see the light) and that's the end?

Fantasy: A witch steals beautiful children at puberty, but only if she can say their name. So the village tries to name their kids complicated things, but it doesn't work. A boy is born who is ugly so they name him Dan. He becomes friends with a beautiful girl (with a complex name) and when the witch inevitably takes her he gains access to the castle and rescues her. I can't remember how.

If you could give me the names of these, I would love it.