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Originally Posted by yellowjacketcoder View Post
The vast majority of people in OOTS land probably never encounter vampires outside of scary stories swapped as kids. Even if knowledge of vampires was widespread, the vamp spirit has no reason to let the world know it's hiding a soul inside the mind. Every vampire could be like that, but nobody but the vampirized are aware.
Originally Posted by Chronos View Post
Besides which, who in the Order knows about undead? Elan has Knowledge (Religion) as a class skill, but do you really trust him to know anything? Vaarsuvius does too, but e probably left that one for the party cleric to focus on. Which means that the only person who would have a chance of knowing such things would be... Wait, uh-oh.
Burlew has always been fair to his readers on things like this. When the characters lack some information that a reader would know about through the manuals, he's always lampshaded their ignorance.