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Originally Posted by Alessan View Post
An when has Shojo ever told the truth? You're treating him as if he's the Word of Wisdom, when in fact, it a well-established fact that he's the Word of Bullshit.

Look at it this way - wouldn't it be right in character for the world's greatest Good con artist to trick an Evil person into changing alignment?
It's plausible. But what has it been, maybe two in-comic months at most since the conversation? Much of that time has been spent in a trackless desert, in transport, or in jail, none of which gave Belkar a lot of opportunity for evil even if he'd wanted to. He was willing to let the slave-trading bug guys go until they messed with his personal property, and his behavior toward the other gladiators was pretty atrocious too. Mostly, it seems to me like Belkar has not considered the fact that any of his previous behavior was wrong or why (compare V), except insofar as it made his personal life more difficult. It is true that he might finally be getting some measure of empathy (e.g., the bounty hunters, his cat, his tyrannosaur), but even evil people can have friends or standards.