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Originally Posted by jayjay View Post
True Neutral is all about maintaining the balance (the old Planescape Rilmani (the Outland equivalent of fiends and celestials) were this). Neutral Neutral is basically the kind of neutral that the MM entries for plain old animals usually meant when they were "neutral"'s kind of a null alignment.

I don't know that it was ever official, but it was always how I considered it, since animals obviously didn't really HAVE an alignment, not having the equipment to moralize about their actions, usually.
But alignments aren't absolute, they're sliding scales. Sometimes, a Neutral person is simply someone who isn't quite good and isn't quite evil, isn't quite lawful and isn't quite chaotic. Sometimes they're all of these things, and sometimes they're none. They're... complicated. Maybe they want to be good, but can't quite make it, or maybe they think they're evil, but actually have some unexpected empathy. Some of the most complex, interesting characters are True Neutral be default, if only because they can't be pinned down anywhere else.