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Originally Posted by smokey78 View Post
Will mention the opposite problem: when films/stories depict a certain future year, and then that year comes up and we still haven't seen over the air hoverboards (well not commercially) ala Back to the Future.

The other example I recall was my teacher sheepishly saying, "well the author thought that would happen" I think it was a Ursula Le Guin short story set in 1987 where folks were colonized on the moon.
Anything done in the 1960s was hyper-optimistic where spaceflight is concerned. At the time people took the early space launches as the equivalent of Kitty Hawk, and presumed that spaceflight would advance as fast as technological development would allow. In fact they'd have been disbelieving if you told them that there'd be an interregnum where we'd putter about in low orbit for fifty years before even considering doing as much as returning to the moon.