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Originally Posted by Morbo View Post
One scene in The Parallax View is pretty shocking these days. Warren Beatty is following someone who gets on a plane, so he climbs a fence, sneaks onto the runway and onto the plane.

After they have taken off, the stewardess approaches him, writes down the fake name he gives her into a legal pad, asks him if he's flying Round Trip, and then says something like "That'll be $73."
Speaking of Bell-Bottom Paranoia, pretty much anything to do with the phone system in Three Days of the Condor is just wonderfully dated. Really, anything where it takes time to trace a call and someone can defeat a trace by hanging up really fast is indicative of either ancient technology or ancient minds, with the latter being more in evidence these days than the former.

Speaking of, there's some interesting and historical information about payphone phreaking in the 1995 cinematic classic Hackers, when Razor and Blade teach you how to trick payphones into thinking you've deposited money by recording the sounds played in the handset when you deposit coins and playing them back into the mouthpiece later. Aside from the fact payphones in and of themselves are indicative of a previous epoch, that specific trick was likely all but obsolete by the time the film came out, and is certainly useless today.
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