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Originally Posted by Thudlow Boink View Post
Wouldn't that fall under the "push at boundaries" exception?
The social climate isn't right for the Archie/Mike dichotomy. Besides, Mike was a sort of hippie-- a borderline one, but he tended that way. Not only would Archie not work, but Mike wouldn't work either.

And I think that the premise of a 20-something living in his father's-in-law house rent free and being that disrespectful would trigger a lot of people, since a lot of 20-somethings are actually at their parents' homes because of the economic climate.

Plus, Gloria being in her 20s, married, and not working a full-time job OR going to school would seem very odd. She's sort of a jr. Edith on the show, helping with the housework and cooking, and I think in later eps has a part-time job of sorts, but she should be pursuing something. Probably an education. If not that, working full-time to support Mike, with the intent that he will support her once he is graduated, and either they will start a family, or she will go to school.