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I would say that almost any 1970s or 1980s mention of homosexuality in an episode would not fly today. Even when the producers were trying for a sympathetic viewpoint, they tended to treat the subject with the usual stereotyping that we reject today. Case in point: Jodie Dallas of Soap. He goes through wanting a sex-change operation, then has a woman try to make him go straight, then agrees to a weekend with another woman (by whom he has a baby), etc. And most of the 70s and 80s programs that dealt with the subject consistently approach it from the viewpoint of the time: something was "wrong" with being homosexual, especially for a man.
There was an episode of "Alice" where she sent her son on a weekend camping trip with several men, one of whom turned out to be gay, and when she found out, she asked her son if that particular man did anything to him.