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Originally Posted by nearwildheaven View Post
I got it.

While we're on the subject, many modern Biblical scholars believe that the admonition about men laying together in Leviticus is actually about pedophilia, not adult homosexuality.
Actually the majority opinion among serious scholars is that it is an admonition not to copy a particular ritual practiced by some neighbors. It literally says "You shall not lie the lying-of-woman." (The Hebrew word means lying down, not telling falsehoods.) It sounds like it's saying that a man should not play-act being a woman while having sex with a man.

Honestly, that's how some really benighted straight men imagine all gay male sex is, so it is possible, I guess, that the author of that passage did mean to say all gay sex is wrong, but whatever he meant, that's not what he said.

At any rate, there is good evidence that nearby worshipers of another god had male prostitutes in their temple who dressed like women and offered themselves to men while play-acting women (maybe because too many babies resulted from keeping real women as temple prostitutes? who knows); anyway, some people think that it was sex rituals that were being outlawed. The admonition not to "lie the lying of women," comes right after one not to give one's seed to a foreign god, and right before one about bestiality.

OK. Back to your regularly scheduled thread.