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Originally Posted by Eliahna View Post
Jessica Falkholt - was she a celebrity, or was she only famous due to the accident that caused her fatal injuries?

The Wikipedia article has been marked for deletion and is presently being debated. The point has been made that there are almost no articles in the media that mention her prior to the accident. She appeared in 16 episodes of a soap opera and had an upcoming movie, but that hasn't been released yet. She doesn't appear to have notability that predates the crash.

I had never heard of her prior to the accident that killed her family, but I'm fairly isolated from what's happening in the world of Australian soap operas and probably couldn't identify the current stars of that show either, so I hadn't weighed in before. Just from a brief search I can see no indications that she was a celebrity prior to being involved in that car accident. It grabbed the headlines because it was a case of an entire family being wiped out the day after Christmas by a known drug user with a history of driving disqualifications and, oh look, the daughter's connected with a TV show.

Since it might be deleted I’ll c&p an excerpt of the tragic event from Wiki — some repeat traffic offender killed them all. Or was at least involved.

“On 26 December 2017, Falkholt was involved in a car crash which killed both her parents instantly. As the vehicle burst into flames, both Jessica and her sister Annabelle, aged 21, were pulled out of the vehicle alive, but Annabelle died on 29 December in Liverpool Hospital. The fifty-year-old driver of the other vehicle was also killed, was reportedly a serial traffic offender. His car failed to negotiate a curve on the Princes Highway, near Sussex Inlet, and travelled into the path of the Falkholts' car. The Falkholts were returning to Ryde after attending Christmas celebrations. Officials confirmed the driver was returning home to Ulladulla, after visiting a methadone clinic in Nowra. Police are investigating whether the drug was a factor in the crash, among other contributing factors.

Following the crash, Falkholt was taken to Sydney's St George Hospital, where she underwent surgery that included the removal of a kidney and part of her skull. On 12 January 2018, a spokesperson for St George Hospital confirmed that her life support had been turned off. She died in hospital on 17 January 2018.”