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Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
Sarah Rue appeared in only 3 episodes of Big Bang Theory, but she made a strong and lasting impression on me. It is entirely possible that Jessica Falkholt was a tremendous stand-out in her brief run on Home & Away. I sympathize with your position, though, and note that no other DP player picked her prior to Boxing Day (she would have been a massive longshot). We exclude picks who are primarily famous for being ill/distressed, and this looks for all the world like such a case.
I feel kind of dirty arguing down the value of her life, but to me this is a clear cut case of someone who is only famous because of the manner of her death. Her death was newsworthy because the accident that claimed her life was so horrific; because she had a link to celebrities via the show she had a guest role on in 2016; because she was photogenic; because it happened at Christmas; because the aftermath of the accident played out over more than three weeks.

Prior to 26 December 2017, I can only find one article that mentions her by name - it's a Daily Mail piece about the filming of a scene from the soap she appeared on, and the primary focus of the article is the other actor from the scene. The debate on Wikipedia about whether she meets notability criteria also refer to only finding a single article from prior to the accident.

Jessica Falkholt was at the beginning of what people say was a promising career, but hadn't had a break that made her a well known name yet. She was headline news only because of the incident that caused her death, and rule 3(g) (in conjunction with rule 14) clearly deems her an invalid pick.

I'd like to note that in previous years I have
a) defended picks who were only famous in Australia when international posters raised them as possible violations of rule 14 - a celebrity in Australia is a celebrity even if they aren't famous outside our borders
b) picked actors who were famous due to appearing on this particular soapie (see: Belinda Emmett, d. 2006) - lead actors and actors in recurring roles on that show very often become household names, but not every brief guest stint produces a celebrity.

I don't believe Jessica Falkholt's career had made her a celebrity prior to her accident.