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Originally Posted by GuanoLad View Post
This article on TVTonight, an Australian TV blog run by a journalist, lists Jessica Falkholt's other roles including a lead in a feature film. I think that means she counts, if borderline.
The movie she acted in has not been released yet. That only means she had potential to be a celebrity after the movie came out.

Originally Posted by eschereal View Post
Sarah Rue appeared in only 3 episodes of Big Bang Theory, but she made a strong and lasting impression on me. It is entirely possible that Jessica Falkholt was a tremendous stand-out in her brief run on Home & Away. I sympathize with your position, though, and note that no other DP player picked her prior to Boxing Day (she would have been a massive longshot). We exclude picks who are primarily famous for being ill/distressed, and this looks for all the world like such a case.
Sara Rue is a very bad comparison. She was the star of her own sitcom that ran 4 seasons. She has 58 credits on IMDB many of which she was number 1 or 2 on the call sheet. She had a public struggle with her weight.* I don’t think anyone would question the validity of the star of a 4 season sitcom even if it wasn’t a runaway hit.

* I mention that because it meant stories on shows like Entertainment Tonight.

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