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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
IMHO acting is one job where the purpose is to become one, and if there had been no articles about them elsewhere or upcoming movies or tv series in the can, then I would say that those celebrities would not be, as their careers would already not be successful at all or with no future in show business.

Incidentally, I do think that your point of discounting her because the movie has not been released omits that to get such a role in an upcoming movie release does require that producers and directors did recognize that there was talent and enough credit/fame there in her past and present to be considered for a mayor role.
Everyday unknown actors are given roles. Why they are given the role is up to the producers. Nothing guarantees that the project will get wide release, any recognition or make the actor famous.

Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
I was making the point that while they are indeed an interest group, they also had to look at the recognition an actress got among the public, that of course was mostly Australian, but that was not an issue that prevented consideration before AFAICR.

I frankly thought that there would be more of a controversy for Kamala, or the paraplegic Olympian. While some as King Kong Bundy or Hulk Hogan are well known, guys like Kamala may had been known more to Americans, but I only became aware of Kamala after I made a search. Point being that just because I did not know about a guy like Kamala before it is not a good reason to assume that others had not pegged him as a celebrity and I found articles to show that that was the case, so it was with Jessica Falkholt for me and others too.

In any case I have to notice that Phungi is allowing her to qualify.
Kamala was a well known figure in the 80s. I remember joking with my friends that one of our teachers had the same body shape. Itís pretty easy to see that he qualifies by his internet mentions prior to being sick. He was a celebrity in the pro wrestling world for decades.

The actress we are speaking of had no wiki page and another poster can only find her name mentioned in passing in one article about someone else prior to her accident. Thatís several mentions less than you can find for me. She became news and gained notoriety because of the horrific nature of her injury and eventual death.

Every year there are a few picks like this. It wonít change. I make sure I donít pick anyone like this but itís mostly up to the individual to play within the spirit of the game.