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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
Yes, but that is missing the point, while you did know Kamala, he was a big unknown in other countries, when I was in El Salvador I only got to know Hulk Hogan and other big names because they appeared in other media.

Point being that if there had been a pool back then I would not had been mad but impressed for the ones that had him on the list, no mean feat before the internet age.

For the Australians there were other articles about or mentioning FalkHolt before the crash:

In any case, as the Umpire phungi ruled, it stays.
Like I said upthread there are always going to be picks like this. It’s why I’ll never be in the top 10 at the end of the year. I too find non-celebrities that are about to bite it but if I don’t find enough independent information about them to make me believe they have some level of celebrity I won’t play them. I’ve discarded quite a few because of that. I understand that others will chose to not do that. My choice is to play or not and I chose to play. I don’t pick over other people’s lists either but if the subject comes up I’ll give my opinion.

And I wasn’t missing the point with Kamala. I understand the someone not following American pro wrestling would but know him. But using Google it would be easy to see he was famous within that world and was on tv quite a bit. One of the minimum requirements mentioned in the past was for the celebrity to have a Wikipedia page. That is a very low bar. Kamala certainly has a page and had one before he got sick. It was mentioned upthread that this actress did not until her accident.

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