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Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
They're a group of insiders. They are not the subset of the general public that cares about some particular thing. 'Australian fans of Australian movies' would be a subset of the general public that could regard as a celebrity an Australian actress that wasn't known internationally. 'Producers and directors of Australian movies' isn't the general public of anything.
And that is why I was not making that the whole point. I was mentioning because I do think that they also do take into account the public when choosing an actress. But yes, not a very important reason.

Originally Posted by RTFirefly View Post
The problem with this is that it essentially defines fame - or even the prospect of fame - as retroactive:
Only that it was not just that. As I pointed before she would not had qualified if that had been just the sad history of a family dying. It would had been notorious only in Australia if there had not been a claim to fame too. If there had been a lot of news and fame solely because of the accident she would not had pinned the radar. She was recognized for something else, not solely for getting into a comma.

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