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Originally Posted by GIGObuster View Post
Only that it was not just that. As I pointed before she would not had qualified if that had been just the sad history of a family dying. It would had been notorious only in Australia if there had not been a claim to fame too.
Retroactive again, this time in the sense that there was this horrible accident, and they found something in her background to make it look like she was more notable than she actually was.
If there had been a lot of news and fame solely because of the accident she would not had pinned the radar.
'Pinned the radar'? The words are English, but that doesn't mean the concatenation has meaning.
She was recognized for something else, not solely for getting into a comma.
Punctuation jokes aside, retroactive. Like I said.

Her fame prior to the accident was negligible. It's like the old saw about death being a good career move.