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Originally Posted by CookingWithGas View Post
Where can I find the data on this?
You're not going to like it, and there are a LOT of holes in the methodology, but start with the research of John Lott on "Defensive Gun Uses." (DGU for short)

The term Defensive Gun Use is really elastic, and one may even not have a gun for an encounter to count as one. I've personally, when walking through a shitty area at night, placed my left hand behind my hip and acted like I was trying to gain a grip on a pistol carried in my waistband. The two guys who were really interested in me, by walking to intercept me, got really interested after I did that in returning to the convenience store they were loitering in front of. I didn't have a gun. I tried really hard though to make it look like I had one, short of drawing. Does it count as a DGU?