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Originally Posted by septimus View Post
@ amarone GNU Backgammon will tell me when I make a bad move; does Funbridge attempt that?
I have discovered that Funbridge will tell you if you make a bid that does not match your system. It does not tell you at the time, but after the hand you can see if it flags your bidding as wrong.

I held a 5332 10-count with AQxxx spades and three little hearts. Playing 2/1, partner opened 1H. I bid 1S and then over 2 of a minor, bid 3H. I expected this to be invitational. Partner raised to game on a 12-count, down 1. Afterwards, Funbridge flagged my 3H bid as wrong because it is game forcing and I need 14+ points (which sounds like too many anyway).

I guess in the Funbridge 2/1 I have to ignore my spades and respond 1NT and then bid 3H.