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Originally Posted by zombywoof View Post
Years ago I had a boss who played for a couple of seasons in the NFL as an offensive lineman - he said the jump from college (Stanford, where he played with John Elway) to pro was huge, like the jump from high school to college - everyone is just bigger/stronger/faster.

To put in perspective, there’s about 120 NCAAF FBS teams and 230ish draft spots every year. Say an average of 2000 of those players become draft eligible each year. Of those drafted let’s say half make it to the NFL.

I know math is not perfect but that adds up to 3% of all draft eligible players making the NFL that year. And that’s not counting smaller FCS teams. Even if I’m off, it’s still a very low number.

It’s like being the valedictorian of your High School and getting accepted to an Ivy League school: where it turns out, everyone else is a valedictorian too.

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