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Women playing in the NFL: Would/should male players hit them just as hard?

In (non-SDMB) threads about the possibility of women playing in the NFL (not likely, but still possible), there would often be an MRA vs. feminist ragefest about whether women were physically up to the task. And alongside of the usual muscles and brawn science debate there was also the social/cultural issue of whether it would be right for a male player to play a female opponent as physically as he would a male opponent.

This thread could probably be GD/IMHO but Game Room may be best. From a biological perspective, there could no doubt be some women found in America (or in the world) who would be as physically elite as a male NFL player and could play football at the pro level. But from a social/cultural standpoint, would it be appropriate for a male NFL player to slam her to the turf as hard as he would anyone else?