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Originally Posted by FloatyGimpy View Post
Ok!! So I opened my package:

Got a grievous wound in the process:

Pulled out the prezzies:

Unwrapped the first gift. An Audubon bird calendar! I thought "Wow, how did she know this is exactly what I wanted??" I didn't put anything that specific in this thread other than "I like birds". Then I remembered that we'd had a "What do you want for Christmas" thread. So I went back to see what I'd put because I couldn't remember. I had indeed said an Audubon bird calendar. Then I thought "OMG what if there is a Labrys lapel pin in amongst these gifts!".

Then I opened Vietnamese coffee and Mexican hot chocolate tablets, which I'd never heard of but will be enjoying today!"

Next was two Texas items. One is a map of Texas (sorry it's unsidedown!) made from reclaimed wood:

And a magnet from Paris, Texas:

I was so, so happy with my gifts. They just made me so happy. I had one, tiny gift left:

My pin! I'd been wanting a Labrys pin for a while but didn't know where to find one. I normally wear a dinosaur pin on my work sweater but I've already changed it out for my Labrys pin.

My sincere thanks, txobbin, for your well thought out gifts. I'm so pleased. Happy Holidays to you and yours. (hugs)
Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about!

I have some of that Vinacafe Vietnamese instant coffee, and I love it! That brand is excellent. One envelope makes a smallish cup, only about six ounces. I mix it in the cup with water just off the boil using my milk frother. That also helps cool it down. It already has milk and sugar in it, so some may find it too sweet, but not me.

The chocolate tablets are, of course, for making hot chocolate (mix in hot milk while it's on the stove), but sometimes if I'm desperate for a treat, I'll just break them up and eat them. I'm bad, I know.

Love the cowboy hat on the Eiffel Tower. Great prezzies, artfully presented.

FloatyGimpy, thank you for going to all that trouble.
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