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Originally Posted by Anglachel View Post
Let's add a dose of reality to this thread. The position most likely for a woman to break into the NFL is as a kicker. That has already occurred in college football. Kickers are not regularly subject to strong contact, but it does happen. The situation where a fake or a fumble results in a female kicker holding a live ball in the NFL facing an active defense is not one that I would want to watch.
You nailed it. A female kicker is possible at the lower college level programs, however to break through to the NFL level, kickers need to be able to kick off the ball at least to the goal line, and covert on longer 50+ yard field goals, which essentially prevents a woman from breaking through to the NFL level.

The kicker is also the last line of defense, and is often called upon to tackle or push the return player out of bounds.

Years back there was gimmick female professional player in an obscure professional football league. Her job? Field the ball for snaps. The call the position the holder.

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